I'm Back

Beth, I got sucked in --- I love lists (scroll down to February 23)! I'm back from reading week feeling lighter and thankful. The skiing was great (Ryan, Mary even bought a pair; they cost money, therefore, they are (my apologies to my readers for this ongoing inside joke)). The studying was awesome - I was doing a research project on St. Gregory of Nazianzus and 4th century rhetoric and suddenly thought, WOW! I could do a PhD in Greek patristics or early church history - I am LOVING this! (Someone please wake me up - this clearly is a nightmare as just a year ago I would have sworn to you, "I HATE studying history"). Whoever new it could be relevant? O.k., somebody new, but it sure wasn't my high school history teacher! Shame on him!

Now. . . the list:

Oh, never mind --- I formatted it in MS Word and cannot figure out how to copy
and paste it here without losing the formatting AND because the list contains
379 items, I refuse to redo it. If you absolutely MUST see it, let me know
and I'll figure it out somehow.


Beth said…
I had a similar moment of revelation in early church last quarter. I expected to hate it, but wow! It's probably not exactly what I'll do my Ph.D in, but I wouldn't mind working some with the early church stuff...
Dawgdays said…
If you save it as an HTML file, that should get you most of the way there. You'll have to chop off some header information, but you'll see some tags that look like

<b> </b>
<i> </i>

around your entries.