Preaching on Wednesday

I am scheduled to preach at the eucharist on Wednesday. Two problems: (1) AKMA is presiding - just a little intimidating for me and (2) episode 416 of South Park seems relevant. Let me elaborate: of these two problems, the second is much greater. I can get over the first by simply starting off with a GREAT opening like, "I found myself . . ." Problem 2 on the other hand is a bit murkier - South Park and Holy Week?!

Stay tuned - this could get very interesting!


Susie said...

So... are you saying you find yourself in a bit of a quandry? :)

Debra said...

I have found that the quandry has worked itself out, but I thank you for asking :)

AKMA said...

Really, Debra, rumors of my intimidating conduct during the Mass are grossly overstated. I haven’t thrown anything at student preachers since a month or so ago. Only rarely do I snore audibly during a student homily — so I am told — and the story about my sneering “As if!” during an especially foolish sermon is pure fiction (besides, that sermon was really terrible). And I have never gotten my cell phone out and called for coffee and donuts during a homily, never. (Coffee alone, once.)

So I’m looking forward to finding myself working with you tomorrow morning, honest. It’ll be great.

Debra said...

If you DO find yourself pulling out the cell phone, could you please order a grande skim cinnamon spice mocha for me! Thanks!