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What's the message?

Arrived at Seabury this morning just before 7AM. Andrea kindly agreed to drop me off "on her way" to work so that we could share a ride home this evening after Tenebrae. Classes start at 9AM (just after Morning Prayer). Turns out, my preaching class has been cancelled due to the instructor's illness. Alas, what can this mean? No preaching class on the day I am scheduled to preach? Cleary, it is a good omen - I am ready. No, no, no . . . that can't be right. Clearly, it is a bad omen - nothing preaching, preached, and preachy will go as expected today. No, no, no. . .that can't be right. Not going as expected is not necessarily bad. . .

Clearly, there is no correlation between no preaching class and my preaching. Clearly.

Having established this fact, I can move on to discussions of other things. This has been an odd week - my class on Monday was cancelled because the instructor was at a conference out of town. My class on Tuesday is an "independent" study which is a misnomer as there are 3 students studying together with the instructor. And, as already stated, my class this morning has been cancelled. The Spring Quarter is off to a bizarre start. I do expect to have Systematic Theology this afternoon. . . but then, things have not been going as expected. Cleary this is a good omen. . . or a bad omen. . .

Maybe just another case of too much caffeine too early in the day!

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Dawgdays said...

Then no classes for three days, right?