The 2nd Person of the Trinity

In my systematics class yesterday, I learned that Jesus is not the second person of the trinity when you are talking about the immanent trinity! That's enough to make your socks roll up and down!

Yes, Jesus Christ is the incarnation of God - fully human and fully divine (but that, my friends, is the economic Trinity). And, that "fully human" bit is what precludes Jesus from being the 2nd person of the immanent trinity. For, if Jesus WERE part of the immanent trinity, then humanity would be God; and, last we all checked we are made in the image of God, but are not God (let's not wander down the path of heresy)!

There is GOOD NEWS in this (I don't want anybody to panic): the human part is raised and the human part does ascend, but the human part IS NOT God.

My (dumb?) question in class was, "well, what do we call the 2nd person of the Trinity when we are discussing the immanent trinity?" The answer: the Son. Ooh. . . just got tricky on me! However, I think it is the same bit of trickiness that has had me gummed up a bit about God not having a body (that, again, I presume would be the "fully human" part of the puzzle). How about this, the Son (immanent) became incarnate (economic) that we might be saved? By saying "became" this assumes that the Son was not always incarnate - i.e., fully human.

Oh bother. . . am I close?