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An Experiment

In a lot of our classes we discuss the intersection of the "secular" and the "sacred" (I use quotation marks only in so far as I think the line between the two is not always so clear). As part of my thinking about this, I've decided to add advertising to my website. Google allows you to do this free of charge (what, I don't have to pay so that others can advertise on my site - a novel concept, I know! Moreover, they don't pay me unless people click on the ads (and no, this is not a plea for you to do that. . . I am a student, but am fortunate enough that our household income should do for the time being)).

In any event, Google places "relevant" ad content on my website - a melding of secular and sacred, no doubt. . . so, let's see where this takes us. So far I've seen ads for the Jesus Institute and for Drama Share - a Christian Drama Resources site. . .

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