Health Clinic

I travelled with Joyce down to Church of Our Saviour this afternoon to volunteer as a chaplain for their weekly foot clinic for the homeless. I really had a wonderful time. I met some really interesting folks - worked on the Chicago Tribune crossword puzzle with one man, discussed the guilt or innocence of Timothy McVeigh** with another, and spoke with a man whose grandmother passed away this week - 108 years old.

The clinic staff are volunteers from DePaul University's nursing school. They were a great crew to work with - very receptive of me as a newbie and so great with the patients. I am looking forward to going back again in a few weeks.

**This was actually a dialogue between 2 homeless men (H and R) and myself (D). Incidentally, H was the man who was also working on the crossword puzzle. For those of you stuck on the down clue "Priests' robes" the 4-letter answer is 'albs' (that was my input).

R: McVeigh was innocent. They had no evidence.
D: You think so? Why's that?
R: They never have enough evidence to convict.
H: You don't know!
R: I do. He was innocent.
H: Well, it doesn't matter because he wanted to die so it all worked out anyhow.
R: I guess so.

I thought this was a fascinating perspective on our justice system!