An's Van: An Update

Ode to the Silver Van: A Poem
(once you read it you'll understand why I thought it necessary to clarify that my narrative intent was that of poetry; my narrative skill-level, on the other hand. . . well, you be the judge)

Good-bye, Mr. Van.
We will miss your large spaces.
But without brakes,
You can no longer take us places.

So the word is in: $500 + to "properly fix" the van vs. $200 to fix it "enough to make it sellable" (yes, we are talking about sales to an auto- dealer and not to an unsuspecting soul on the street in search of reliable transportation - thank you for the ethical push). As the van has been problematic (and that is putting it nicely), we have opted for the latter option and, as a result, will soon be shopping for a new car.

In the meanwhile, we may have some fun juggling our lives with one car (an interesting thought: this is an example of a "high class problem" --- a phrase I find problematic, but, particularly in this instance, quite useful) and/or taking up a friend's offer of the use of her car (thank you Twyla - we'll get back to you!).