Candidate (source):
  1. Campaigner: a politician who is running for public office; someone who is considered for something (for an office or prize or honor etc.)

  2. An individual who has met the eligibility qualifications for, but has not yet earned, a credential awarded through a certification program or a person that participates in a test, assessment or exam by answering questions; a person who is running for an office; an individual who has applied for specialty board certification.

  3. The person taking the exam – the test taker

  4. A job seeker who has submitted his or her information to a staffing agency in the hopes of attaining a position that is best suited to their specific skill set. A candidate may be seeking a permanent or a temporary position and often will work with a recruiter to determine those positions for which they are best qualified.

  5. The next step beyond Postulancy for a person who has been recommended by the Bishop and accepted by the Standing Committee as a Candidate for Holy Orders. See synonyms at Debra K. Bullock [official date of record May 10, 2005].

  6. A set of Assignments constituting an element of a Diagnosis. The Find Candidates operation returns a set of Candidate objects.

  7. Species that may become threatened or endangered.

  8. Salvationist who has applied for and is waiting to be accepted at the School for Officer training.

  9. One who is in the process of entering the Catholic Faith, but has been validly baptized a Christian.

Thank you all for perservering through my several months of angst and for graciously reminding me of my call whenever I began to doubt.

Soli Deo Gloria