Friendly Update

Andrea spoke with our friend in Albuquerque tonight. This in and of itself is good news. We're glad to have her back with us. She and her partner have a visit to Chicago planned for July --- Wicked and Venetian Night are both in the cards! Thank you Rae!!!!

On a completely unrelated note:

We received our final theology paper assignment today. We are to write of an incident, conversation, or the like that has occurred since we've been in seminary which raised one or more theological questions for us. Then, in light of what we've learned, we should discuss those questions. Every incident that occurs to me has to do with the "problem of evil" and, as such, remains the biggest theological question never answered to anyone's satisfaction. Feels like a lot to bite off in the final moments of the term; but, alas, no one ever said it was going to be easy. I guess I shouldn't be surprised as this is what peaked my interest in theology in the first place back in 1986!

Also unrelated:

I am exhausted. After classes today, I hurried home to mow the lawn before the rain. Predictably, the weather prediction appears to have been inaccurate and, thus, no rain. But, the lawn is mowed --- and it could rain later.

Final Comment:

Lack of profundity = evidence of exhaustion. Good night.