Google AdSense (TM)

I recently added Google Ads to my website - predominantly out of capitalistic curiosity. To date, I have earned $0.43 based on clicks on these ads. Apparently the advertisements are based on blog content and so, this morning, the following ads appeared:
  • 2004 Blog Winners (blogs2004 dot com)
  • Clergy Apparel Directory (churchresourceguide dot com) x 2
  • Create Blog (ebay dot com)
  • Hoffman Brothers Robe Co. (hoffman robes dot com)
  • Free Blog Tools and Hosting (faces dot com)
  • Catholic Bookstore, Gifts (prospecthillco dot com)
  • Blogging Evolved (squarespace dot com)

Based on this list of content-related advertising, I discover a very interesting self-profile: Well-dressed, successful blogger who enjoys Catholic kitsch. Wow! Who knew?

Of course, having written that description has just about guaranteed more of the same advertising will appear. Maybe I need to start sounding more academic, more intellectual, more deconstructionist. Hmmm. . . if every post contained the word "deconstruction" what type of ads might appear?