Keeping It Simple

This morning I was listening to Bernice Johnson Reagon's song, "I Remember, I Believe" on Sweet Honey in the Rock's Sacred Ground.
My God calls my name on the morning dew.
The Power of the Universe knows my name.
He gave me a song to sing and sent me on my way.
I raise my voice for Justice. I believe!*

The first time I heard, "the Power of the Universe knows my name," I teared p. To be known - to have one's name known (and remembered) - by the Power of the Universe - wow! And look! It's all there - we are to respond!!!! God knows us, God calls us, and God sends us out (to use the gifts God gave us). . . Pretty simple message. Pretty profound effect.

*I am notorious for not hearing song lyrics correctly. So, here's the thing: I've written what I think I heard and because what I think I heard is what impacted me it is, for the purposes of this post, what I mean for it to say. Gentle Readers, if the words are not correct or if you know of another version of the same, I apologize for "getting them wrong" here.
"The writer must lie and the gentle reader rests happy to hear
the worthiest works misinterpreted, the clearest actions obscured, the
innocentest life traduced: and in such a licence of lying, a field so fruitful
of slanders, how can there be matter wanting to his laughter?" -