Mourning Morning

This morning, I plunked down in front of the computer screen in the office / cat-room, still in my PJs, happily sipping a cup of freshly brewed Starbucks Christmas Blend (you have to buy a LOT at Christmastime in order to still be working through the last bag in May!). 7:43AM: the phone rings. Andrea is having car troubles.
  1. Get dressed
  2. Turn off washing machine
  3. Turn off computer screen
  4. Pack-up lap top
  5. Pack-up books for the day
  6. Kiss the kitties good-bye
  7. Drive to auto-shop
  8. Drive Andrea to work and discuss what to do about cars (hers has problems, mine has problems. . . two new cars (a Mazda3, a Toyota Matrix, something else?) while going to seminary full-time OR commuting that involves one of us adding an additional 45 minutes to an hour of drive-time to our commute each day, bemoaning the lack of adequate public transportation in suburbia, etc., etc., etc.)
  9. Drive self to school
Just not quite the morning I had in mind. On the flip side, I greatly enjoyed spending an extra hour with Andrea and I've managed to get those things done for which I had plunked down in front of my computer screen in the first place.