New Member of the Family

The car "crisis" is over. Last night Andrea bought a new Matrix XR (in "cosmic blue" -- who knew there was such a color?! Oh Joy!). Only two dealerships were involved. Sadly, at the first, though they were able to get us the car we wanted, they were "old school" in the sales department - pushy, condescending, and otherwise offensive. So, I got us out of there (I declared that we needed to discuss this important decision over dinner) and off we went to Bredemann Toyota of Park Ridge. Wow! What a difference! Suddenly, we were the experts and they were accomodating our requests.

We have not yet named the new car. The Double Yellow Beetle is "Hoover" ("Hoobs," for short). Other already-used names in the family include: Andrea, Debra, Wenzel, and Kirbie. We are happy to take suggestions for the new car's name.


Dawgdays said…
Just so you don't call it Neo, Morpheus, Oracle, Niobe, Trinity ... hey, wait, Trinity might work.

Laurel said…
How 'bout 'Trixie?