Thoughts Thought in Theology

During a round of "stump the theologian" in Dr. Wondra's systematic theology class, we focused on the authority of Scripture and the concepts of predestination and salvation. In addition, I had the following two mind-wanderings:

Heritage and heresy. . . is there an etymological connection between the words?

Heritage: Middle English, from Old French, from eritier, heir, from Medieval Latin hrditrius, from Latin, inherited. See hereditary.

Heresy: Middle English heresie, from Old French, from Late Latin haeresis, from Late Greek hairesis, from Greek, a choosing, faction, from haireisthai, to choose, middle voice of hairein, to take.

So. . . the answer is No; however, I still wonder, when does one's heritage become heresy?

When the rubber hits the road, how do I pray (and, more importantly, how different is this from my explanation of prayer offered in essay form for a class assignment a few weeks ago)?

As I continue to pray for my friend in ICU , I realize I am a Self watching myself pray. That is, I pray for her to be made well and then I add, guiltily, "if it be your will, O God" as if (a) God would not will for someone to be made well and as if (b) I have ever purported that prayer works this way -- OR -- I pray that God's will be done for her and then add (still guiltily), but please make her well because we really, really like her --- and then, does this mean I don't like other people who are in ICU?

Oh, darn those theology classes that make you actually apply stuff to real life. When what works in theory, breaks down in practice, is it still a valid theory? --- oh, please don't tell me that being a priest is going to involve a whole lot more of this! It is, isn't it?


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