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It's Over . . . Sort of

Folks keep asking, are you done with the term yet. Well, here's the answer: yes . . . and no. Yes, I am done with going to classes; but no, I am not done with the term. I opted to take a 2-week extension on my independent study on England in the Age of the Reformation so that I can give some undivided attention to my research topic --- poets of the Reformation.

Folks also keep asking, what are you doing this summer. Well, here's the answer: working 15-20 hours / week at the SWTS / GETS United Library and coordinating a half-day workshop called "Faith, Family, and Addiction" which will occur on Saturday, November 5th at St. Mary's in Park Ridge in conjunction with Advocate Medical Group's Addiction Medicine experts. In addition, I have a few trips planned - a couple of weekends to Altoona, Wisconsin (near Eau Claire) to visit my dad; 10 days in Massachusetts (the Berkshires) for a personal retreat; and, right before classes begin in late September, a trip to Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

So. . . are you done with the term yet? and what are you doing this summer?

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