Just Duh!

I have always considered myself to be something of a technology nerd. Mind you, I was more current when I was 20 something than I am today (Beth, Si, and AKMA clearly reveal the novice that I truly am). In any event, I was shocked - no appalled - yesterday when I discovered that my laptop has a DVD player (I assumed it was a CD-drive). This means that the independent study I have (not) been doing could have been moved forward while I've been at the library by listening to the required DVDs on my laptop. . . but no, I've been trying to fit them into my "at home" schedule which simply never worked. This also means that I am no longer the techno-geek I was once (or, equally likely, that I've simply become oblivious to all things observable)! The good news in all of this? --- I have a DVD player in my laptop! Huzzah!


Raisin said…
You may be a novice,
but you're no nerd;
the very idea
is simply absurd.