Announcing Your Place in the Family of Things

To my old friends - yes, those of you whom I have only just met. You know who you are. We are that we are. I offer you this website (go ahead, click on the link - keep your eyes open this time). You will recognize the first poem, but there are others. Explore them, take them in. Own them for yourself. We are that we are.

To my old friends - those of you whom I have known for months, maybe for years - and those whom I have never met. I offer you this website.

And, finally,
". . . is anything more mortifying, when we have the picture of what might be, and of what was meant to be, before our eyes, than to observe in what a sad and terrible way human willfulness, and human pride, and human enmity have marred and disfigured in the fulfillment the fair beauty of promise? And yet, along with our mortification, we shall feel gratitude and joy, if we discover that, after all, the lines of the original painting are still traceable upon the stained and torn canvas, and that underneath the incrustations of long ages there lies the pure and perfect outline of the Mystical Body of" God.1
Thank you Paula. Without you, I may have wandered around for many, many more years just wondering, "why me?" Today, I know the answer.2

1 William Reed Huntington, The Church-Idea: An Essay Towards Unity, Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse Publishing, 2002, p. 33.

2 The Hoffman Institute.