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Divine Mathematics

I used to manually complete long division problems on the back of my Hebrew quizzes when I finished early. So, it should come as no surprise that I am delighted by the following facts concerning God (according to Francis J. Hall in Theological Outlines, Volume 1: The Doctrine of God, Cf. Q. 66., ¶5, p. 143):

1 Divine Nature
2 Processionsu
3 Propertiesv
4 Relationsw
5 Notionsx

This, of course, leads to the following:

5 Notions - 4 Relations = 1 Divine Nature
3 Properties - 2 Processions = 1 Divine Nature
Therefore, 5 Notions - 4 Relations = 3 Properties - 2 Processions


1 Divine Nature + 3 Properties = 4 Relations
5 Notions - 1 Divine Nature = 4 Relations
Therefore, 1 Divine Nature + 3 Properties = 5 Notions - 1 Divine Nature

OR, impressively deduced from the latter:

2 Divine Natures = 5 Notions - 3 Properties

E-gad! I've just increased God by 1. . . Who knew it could be done!? - and without cloning, no less! And yet, I confess, there may be more merriment, than fact in all that has preceded.

u"the Son proceeds from the Father by generation, and the Holy Ghost from the Father and the Son by spiration" (Cf. Hall, Q. 65, ¶1, pp.139-40.)
v paternity, filiation, and procession
w paternity, filiation, spiration, and procession
x Innascibility, paternity, filiation, spiration, and procession


AKMA said...

“Innascibility” — now, there’s a word to spring on an unsuspecting victiom sometime.

Ryan said...


Don't take your work home with you. It's unhealthy, really.