Peter - worthy of receiving the keys of heaven one week, Satan the next. Peter's name means "rock" and a rock can be used for good (sturdy foundation, beautiful retaining walls, drainage systems, etc.) or for bad (weapon, hinderance to plowing). We are not so unlike Peter. We can set our eyes on the Kingdom of Heaven and strive to do God's will in all things or we can be blinded by the lures of our earthly existence and do that which pleases us in the moment. Either way, we are still called by God.

What I love about the juxtaposition of the two readings from Matthew on the 14th and 15th Sundays after Pentecost is that Peter is both chosen by Jesus and capable of messing up. This is Hope! I can turn my eyes toward God at any time - start my day over at any moment - and Jesus still loves me. Sure there are consequences for actions taken blindly - this is not a "get out of jail free" card - but God's love remains steadfast - like a rock.

Just some ramblings on a Sunday evening. . . take what you like, leave the rest.