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Meditation in Support of Hurricane Victims

I received this message today and wanted to pass it along.

To Our Beloved Community,

We would like to encourage all, each in your own way, to send prayers and support to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We suggest you set aside a specific time each day to send your prayers and support, and that you do it for at least one week.

Below, we have included a suggested meditational prayer. It is but one way to focus your energy and send much needed love to those in need right now. Adapt the prayer any way you want, and include your own personal prayers.

For the People of Hurricane Katrina

May all the people affected by Hurricane Katrina find safety and shelter;
May all the people affected by Hurricane Katrina receive food and water;
May all the people affected by Hurricane Katrina be treated with dignity and compassion.

May they receive immediate medical care, and may they be healthy and free of disease;
May they experience peace in their hearts, and be free from sorrow.

May they all be held in Love and Compassion, now and forever.

Many Blessings to All,

Raz Ingrasci and the Staff of The Hoffman Institute

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