The End Is Coming . . .

One of my favorite Sesame Street bits involved one of the adults reading a story to the kids who were sitting on the steps. Throughout the story, a muppet kept walking by shouting the words which were printed on the sandwich board he was wearing: "The End is Coming!" When the adult finished reading the story, the same muppet walked by with a new sandwich board - this time announcing that the end had come. Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Today is Tuesday and I keep waiting for that sandwich board announcement: "The End is Coming!" to mark the end of my academic career at Seabury-Western. For during the winter quarter, I will be away at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Elk Grove Village "doing field ed" (i.e., a full-time, 10-week internship). Once that is completed, I'm done. Yup - that's it friends. My two years at Seabury will come to an end.

Some have asked, "What are you going to do once you've finished seminary?" Well, my friends, I'm going to Disney World. That's a fact. Andrea and I have been talking about this since we met and, at long last, we're going. The tips from my coffee shop job are all in a coin jar waiting to be cashed in for 1 day at Disney World, 2 days at Epcott, and 1 day at MGM.

Don't worry. . . I'll be back in June for commencement. You see, "the end IS coming." but for today I must live in the already and the not yet of the parousia.