Last night I facilitated the first meeting of a 6-week spiritual small group in which we are doing "Spiritual Disciplines Pot-Luck" as a preparation for a more intensive use of one or more spiritual disciplines during Lent. We are beginning with journaling because (a) it is something with which I am most familiar and (b) it is tangible - that is, unlike contemplative prayer, you can see that you are doing it and there is no "right" or "wrong" about it. Just write.

I really enjoyed the first meeting - in fact, I felt energized as a result! This surprised me because, as an introvert, I tend to get my energy from more quiet, individual times. Events like last night's reinforce for me that I am in the right place. "God calls, we respond" - that seems to work much better than my approach as a 20-something which was more of a "God calls, I run like heck" stance.

I spent most of yesterday prepping a sermon for Sunday. I actually dragged out my Hebrew and Greek lexicons - egad! Despite that, I am confident that the end result was a sermon (I was trying to think of an adjective to put before sermon but all of them either struck me as arrogant or self-depracating --- where are those moderate adjectives when you need them?!). I'll post the sermon after Sunday and you can supply your own adjectives.