On Preaching Three in a Row

My sermons have gotten too "sprawly." Preaching three Sundays in a row pressed this still-seminarian, not-yet-priest a bit and by last Sunday that showed. J.D. says pick one thing - one phrase, one idea - that speaks and preach it. So, J.D. - how does one juggle "Team Awesome" (12 teenagers seeking education), "Spirituality for Living" (7 adults seeking direction), 1 Field Ed seminar, 1 small group seminar, 1 discussion of Song of Solomon and a sermon? Oh will this get easier!? And, if not, will I at least keep having fun?!

Next Wednesday's Spirituality for Living class is focusing on the discipline of Simplicity - perhaps I can practice what I teach and my preaching (and my life) will regain some balance.


Marshall said…
Ah, the strain of being a seminarian. It is a great fear when preaching that something might get left out. And, after all, it is all so important, even if not always so interesting. I have been a priest for going on 25 years now, and I remember the temptation myself. Certainly, since then I've seen enough seminarians wrestle with that.

But, of course (and you really know this), you don't have to cover it all, or even most of it. I agree with J. D.: say what you can say well - usually, what the lessons say clearly to you - and leave it at that. God will indeed take care of the rest.

In the mid-1980's I was active at St. Nicholas. Chuck Hensel was vicar then, and I was pursuing a CPE residency at Lutheran General in Park Ridge. Those were tumultuous times for me (and the CPE was the least of that!), and St. Nicholas was wonderfully supportive.