What a Week . . .

  • Sunday, Feb. 12th - "Team Awesome" leads worship at St. Nicholas (see photos). Did I tell you all how proud I am of these young people?! Really, really proud and truly delighted to have the opportunity to teach them (as they continue to teach me)

  • Monday, Feb. 13th - Chicago area Hoffman Institute graduates met for a great evening of visioning, fellowship, and good eats! (Click here for the latest news from Hoffman).

  • Tuesday, Feb. 14th -
    Andrea's dad admitted to hospital
    I learn that a St. Nick's parishioner who has been battling cancer passed away during the night
    GOE results come in

  • Wednesday, Feb. 15th -
    Andrea's dad had a stroke
    taught 2nd to last session of Spirituality for Living (I am SO going to miss this!!!)

  • Thursday, Feb. 16th -
    arrive at St. Nick's at 7:00 AM to work on Sunday School plan for Sunday only to realize two hours later that I'm supposed to be having breakfast with a classmate
    call classmate to apologize profusely only to learn that breakfast is scheduled for 10:30 and I can still make it! (what a relief!)
    enjoy breakfast and conversation
    go to school for seminar
    come home (now)
    leave soon for visitation at funeral home for parishioner

I am tired. Please pray for me and my loved ones.