Today I am not a seminarian and I am not doing field ed. It is over. That's a bizarre feeling. I woke up this morning feeling a bit out of sorts and, I suppose, that has to do with transitions - I was never very comfortable at the beginning of summer vacation either! Don't worry, I'll relax into it real soon.

But, here's the other piece of wierdness for today: Andrea's cell phone is at home; however, she has it set to ring only once and then silence when an incoming call is received. So, I have called her phone 4 times from 4 different rooms in the house and, regardless of the room, I can hear the single ring of her phone at about the same volume. I've searched coat pockets, "junk drawers" and countertops to no avail. All I can assume is that one of the squirrels has confiscated it and is using it in the attic - precisely in the midpoint of our home (hence the equal volume regardless of where I place my call).

It's nice that this is the biggest problem I am having today.