Lessons in Humility, Patience and Trust

Andrea and I have now spent a total of 4 weekends, 3 weeknights - and in my case, 1 additional weekday - looking for a new place to call home. This experience has been exhausting, trying, frustrating, and, thus far, without success. I didn't know we were that picky. Wait, I'm still not sure we are. Is it too much to ask for a place to live in that has at least 2 bedrooms, at least 1 bathroom, is clean, and doesn't overlook a freeway, an industrial park, or a designated prairie covered with litter?

We've spent a lot of time in prayer - one part pleading with God to show us the place we want to see and one part pleading with God to show us the place that we are meant to see (ooh, did we miss it?!) Two days ago we saw a beautiful condominium for rent in Palos Heights. The price the owner was asking was more than we could afford, but I called anyhow and said, we really are interested, but I'm going to be a priest in Palos Park and the rent is just too steep. Then, the miracle happened and he said, "o.k., would you like to see it on Sunday?" So, we saw it and, as I mentioned, it is gorgeous - more than we have been praying for, but not more than we will happily accept if the owner decides to rent it to us.

So, tonight I wait for his call. He said Tuesday. Did he mean Tuesday morning? No phone call. Maybe he meant Tuesday afternoon? No phone call. Perhaps early evening? It is now 7:30pm and still, no phone call. I think at 8pm it is fair game for me to call to just see where he is with his decision-making.

Our house goes on the market tomorrow and our garage is filled with packed boxes. I would guess that about 1/3 of our "stuff" is in boxes. The house looks great! Maybe whoever buys it will let us rent out the garage and the backyard for a tent. . .


Deb Seles said…

Great blog & love the pictures! Blessings & good luck on your search for a place to live.
BTW: I see Andrea works at Abbott. I did too (as a consultant in employee health! But that was a long time ago...)

This is another Deb from St. N. (Deb Seles). I tried to reach you at Transfig but got Bob Wyatt's email.

I'm on the diocesan planning committee for the August Formation event & we were wondering if you'd like to do a presentation about what you did at St. N. in the way of creative liturgy. Your involvement with the teens would be most interesting! Give me a call at 847.707.5390 & let's discuss. I will also try you tomorrow at Transfig.