"The Ends of the Earth"

Just doing some sermon prep for Sunday - considering the potential analogy of my move from Mt Prospect to Transfiguration in Palos to the journey of Philip from Jerusalem to Gaza (o.k. the journey that never quite happens because of his encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch (the man from the ends of the earth???). Instead, he is miraculously transported (can I say teleported in my sermon or is that too anachronistic?) to Azotus and then, instead of continuing south to Gaza, makes a U-turn and ends up in his home town of Caesarea.

My own journey here was really much less complicated; although my own encounters along the way have been replete with adventure. Maybe that's the point --- it's not the destination, it's the journey. Didn't somebody already make that expression into a cliche? If so, there's no point in my tagging along. And yet, the people one meets along the way may, in fact, be as important as the people you thought you were going to meet at your final destination. Aren't both the eunuch and Philip changed by their meeting - the one leaves rejoicing for he has heard the good news and been baptized; the other has his entire itinerary changed because of the meeting. Hmmmm. . . the sermon pot continues to bubble.