Top 10 Ways to Involve Kids in Stewardship

In the event that my sermon for this coming Sunday goes in the direction it is currently headed, then this post will be relevant. If not, I hope it will be of mild interest to those of you who are just passing by my blog today.

Top 10 ways to involve kids in stewardship

10. Recycle everything from cans to clothes
9. Consolidate car trips; read a book while you wait
8. Shut off lights and appliances not in use
7. Harvest what you plant, share what you harvest
6. Share clothes with a sibling or parent
5. Use e-mail rather than long distance
4. Treat possessions as valuables
3. Ride a bike or walk for short errands and exercise
2. Wipe your feet
1. Eat leftovers

I found this list online at the Southwestern Synod of Minnesota Resource Center, contributed by Marlaine Doidge, Associate in Ministry at Christ Lutheran Church in Glencoe, Minnesota. Thank you Marlaine.