Introducing Feminist Theology

Last Thursday night, seven women gathered at the Borders Bookstore and Cafe in Orland Park for our monthly Voices Found women's theology book group. We concluded our "in person" discussion of Anne Clifford's Introducing Feminist Theology but invite any additional conversation to take place here.

The question that seemed to generate the most discussion was, "What qualities do you associate with a saint for our own time?" We all agreed that 'spunkiness' was key . . . what are your thoughts?

We ended the evening with a brief discussion of ecofeminism which we will pick up again next month when we begin reading Sallie McFague's The Body of God. The group is open to all women whether or not they've read the book being discussed. Our next meeting is Thursday, February 15th at 7:30 p.m. at Borders in Orland Park. Hope to see you there!