Think, Check, Barring, Counsel. . . Equal in New Jersey

Blue Jersey has a series of ad campaigns that are excellent on the difference between being married and being civil unionized! You can watch all four clips at this link. While civil unions, in states where they are legal!, offer many/most of the same rights as a marriage, they are frequently not recognized by "everyday people" and "everyday institutions" - like hospital employees, IRS documents, and CDO profiles. This is why Marriage Equality - not 'civil union commitment' - is the only option that truly affords the LGBT community equal rights under the law.

To learn more about this issue on a national level, click here.

In the state of Illinois, Equality Illinois is working hard to attain equal rights for the LGBT community.


Sonje said…
I think that all government institutions should use civil union (no matter the gender/sex of the people involved) on forms. However, I believe that those people who are civil union-ized, should use the term married in common parlance because people will take forever to get used to new vocabulary for an old idea.
Tim said…
Indeed, those are great ad spots.