A Moving Update

Andrea, Gabby, Kirbie, Wenzel, and I began our move to Cape May Court House on Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m. (Chicago time). That day, in addition to time spent in Illinois, we covered the states of Indiana and Ohio in their entirety and spent the afternoon and evening in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Of Indiana and Ohio let me just say, at the risk of offending, I'm grateful not to live in either. Actually, Ohio had a brief moment of redemption as we reached the eastern-most portions of I-80 and began driving along I-76 -- the rolling hills were stunningly beautiful. Other memorable moments on Wednesday's drive: (1) a truck from Wausau, WI (my birthplace and first home) sighted in Ohio reminding me that home is with me where ever I am.; (2) an unfinished game of alphabet bingo - [see "Alphabet Signs" at this site. . . also, of note, "The Cow Game" -- I thought my mom and I made it up, but, if we did, we are not alone! Cool, at least 3 very odd people in the world] - because it just isn't the same when the cats are asleep under the seats and can't read the signs and when your fellow human travelling companion is in the car in front of you with an illiterate dog; (3) an unfinished game of count the number of semis I passed in Ohio because I kept getting bored with my own invented game.

A word about Beaver Falls - wow, breathtakingly beautiful scenary. The Holiday Inn was great - they didn't even charge us the pet deposit they advertise (and no, I didn't sneak the pets in). We went for a hike at Buttermilk Falls Natural just a smidge south of the hotel and Gabby enjoyed a swim at the top of the falls. Sadly we left the digital camera in the hotel room.

Today we drove from Beaver Falls to Bensalem (just outside of Philadelphia). We'll stay here until tomorrow's walk-through in Cape May Court House at 1 p.m. and the closing at 2 p.m. For those who have asked (and those who thought asking would make them seem stupid --- "there are no stupid questions, my friends), Cape May Court House is, in fact, the name of the city where we bought a house --- and yes, it is the County Seat of Cape May County. Today's drive included stops at Perkins for breakfast, a stop at Starbucks for more coffee, a stop at the next rest area for a bathroom and a container of Pringles (note for next time: never eat a whole container of Pringles in a single sitting!!! - especially alone!), and a stop about 1 hour later because the Pringles made me VERY thirsty. OOOH, and I almost forgot. . . just after the Starbucks, we saw the windmill farm (Somerset, PA) that our good friend, John Nachtrieb, gave us a head's up about. . . very beautiful as it was so foggy that you couldn't even see the top half of the cyclical motion against the backdrop of the Allegheny mountains.

Tomorrow, we drive less than 2 hours to our new home. . . . We have taken some photos with the digital camera but until we're settled and find the computer cord they will remain invisible to you. I'll remedy it as soon as possible. In the meantime, peace to you all and thank you for all of your prayers. . . .