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The Trouble with Words

Language is so totally limited! For example, I walked the dog tonight, I looked up. The stars were so . . . and the moon was a sliver but it looked full because you could see its outline, like an eclipse, only not - like a cloud covering it, only clearer, like. . . And, while all of this was going on, occuring, just being . . . I was overcome by sadness, flooded really. My cat is dying and the sky was beautiful and the day went well and these three things simply have to live together in my mind because there really aren't words to let them out. And, it was too cold so I couldn't convince Andrea to go out to try to experience the same thing - which she wouldn't have, but she might have come close. That's the trouble with words. . .

1 comment:

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I am so sorry about the kitty, but glad you took the time to look up.