Without Notes

More and more, I have been preaching without notes (something I was absolutely 100% certain - and I said so many times in seminary - that I would never do). Turns out (a) I enjoy it and (b) my parishioners seem to prefer it. Huh! Go figure! I guess John A. Dally was right. . . not a surprise (his being right).

Part of what has allowed me to risk being vulnerable in this way is the love I have for my congregation and the joy I have in being with them on Sunday mornings. I suspect when/if I go to another congregation, I'll be back to a text - at least for a while. I also know that there will be occasions when I'll want that text in front of me (sometimes my thinking just gets too convoluted for even me to keep it organized in my head!).

Anyhow, that leaves me pondering. . . what do I do with my blog? Suggestions anyone?


Anonymous said…
Continue posting your sermons but include commentary on how you came to topic as well as any thoughts you dropped or added during the service may drive comments or additional blog topics.
Yeah- you can still post the general idea, like Tripp sometimes does. Or you can post ahead of time with your general direction as fodder for the rest of us :)
ah. . . sermon fodder. Perhaps I should simply rename my site! :)