MDA to Lock Me Up "For Good"

I've been "invited" / "nominated" to serve in a lock-up to help the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association - - - a.k.a. "Jerry's Kids") raise money to provide monies for

  • Clinics - expert specialized medical care
  • Research - cutting-edge investigation into treatments and cures
  • Support - help obtaining equipment and coping with challenges
  • Camp - a barrier-free week of fun, friendship and laughter for kids

The MDA has set my bail at $3000. Many of you have gotten an e-mail from me asking for your help. To date, I have reached 14.5% of my goal. I'm getting worried that I may not be able to get out of jail on "good behavior" alone (and those of you who know me well, can probably attest to the challenge that would be). So, I'm asking you all to please help me help the MDA by clicking the link and offering your donation - in whatever amount you can afford ($5, $20, $100, etc.).

OR, you can write a check payable to MDA and send it to me c/o St. Barnabas, PO Box 77, Villas, NJ 08251.

I need to collect my bail by July 21st or I will most certainly be locked up "for good."

Blessings to you all!

Click here to donate: Wildwood/Ocean City Lock Up: Pastor Debra