Salvation is Coming!

Palm Sunday Reflection
Here he comes!  The Messiah!  Are you sure?  Of course, I’m sure! Haven’t you been paying attention:  this is the man who told the Samaritan woman everything she had even done as if he’d known her all of his life!  I heard he even made a blind man see! I didn’t see it myself, but I understand he raised Mary and Martha’s brother, Lazarus from the dead!  This must be the Messiah! 
I can see him! I can see him!  He’s riding on a . . .  a donkey?!  Who’s that behind him?  Just a small group of men and women.  I don’t see any weapons.  But. . . this is the Messiah, isn’t it?  He’s come to save us from oppression under Rome.  Let’s run out to meet him.  Let’s throw our cloaks on the ground to show him our support!  Hosanna! Hosanna! Blessed is the One who comes in the name of the LORD! Hosanna!
But, a bit quieter, beneath the loud Hosannas, I imagine a rumbling:  a donkey? No army? No shields, no swords?  No trumpets leading the way --- wait! I hear music. . . . an accordion??!!*  This is the long-awaited Messiah – this can’t be.  This is foolishness. . . . Something isn’t right here. 

Oh come on! Join the fun! It’s a great celebration!  And everyone is saying he is the Messiah.  This is probably just some trick to confuse the Romans.  I’m sure it’s the Messiah.  Salvation is coming to Jerusalem. What could possibly go wrong. . .

**St. Mark's Palm Sunday procession included David Plank on accordion!