When All Else Fails. . .

I once again have Beth to blame for this (refer to "Aha" on May 8th) "detour and frolic" (a phrase which, when used in this manner, ought most appropriately be credited to Todd Young , adjunct professor of Canon Law at our illustrious seminary and Chancellor of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago; however, I happily discovered today that it has, all along, been a double entendre - refer to page 17 of this linked site! [incidentally, this detour and frolic is decisevely not the fault of Beth]).

In any event, the point of all of this is simply to say, I have now procrastinated much of my evening away - (a) by taking said silly quiz and (b) by spending 25 minutes attempting to create clever links for this post!

So, when all else fails, blame Beth.


Beth said…
scratching head, trying to decide whether i ought to be flattered or offended... ;)

nice to be good for something!