When Plans Change. . . and it is Good News

Last night, Andrea and I agreed we would read until 9pm when the season finale of CSI: Miami airs on CBS.

When I was supposed to be reading, I called my dad. He wanted to call me back - so, I said, "O.K., but it HAS to be before 9pm because we are watching the final episode of CSI: Miami and we don't want to miss it!" He called at 8:55 pm. Needless to say, I missed the beginning of the episode; but, when I got off the phone 10 minutes later, Andrea was able to fill me in.

About 10 minutes after that the phone rang. We agreed to let the answering machine pick it up; but, because we were waiting for a call from Rae, we were on the ready. The call, it turns out, was not Rae, but Cheri! The very friend who was in the hospital in New Mexico. We turned off the TV and called her back - she's home and she's fine; heading back to work on Wednesday.

I need to continue assessing my views on the effectiveness of prayer. . . And, Andrea and I need to see when CSI: Miami will be rerunning that final episode (which was well worth missing)!


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